Elephant head is a surreal character that briefly appears in the episode of "Summer Holiday" He is called this because obvioously he has an elephant's head on a human body.When Neil is on television making a melancholic spiel about his birthday and how none of the housemates like him. An uneen member of the audience disrespectfully graffities all over Neils face by adding glasses, moustache, beard and an arrow through his head with a marker. This ceases on the command of an authorative voice saying to the vandal to "stop that" and "rub it off"  It is rubbed off but a blank white screen appears and the authorative voice screams in a panicked state and screams; "Get the picture back before Elephant Head comes on and starts singing" The voice obviously hates Elephant Head and scowls "too late!" when  he comes on to sing the Diana Ross and the Supremes song; "STOP! ..In the name of love!" but that is all he gets out as he sings and points above him. Before the next words come out the incide set of the house comes crashing down to reveal Neil's musicless, boozeless, somewhat guestless boring excuse of a party!

It can be assured that Elephant Head is crushed and killed as his head with bad taste tie is revealed by landlord; Jerzey Blutofsky angrilly reprimanding the four "Is this house a wild-life park? do we say I've seen the elephants at Jerzey's house?! No we Don't" and charges the guys £2000.

Elephant head wears a very bad suit with a "bad taste" tie with what seems to be a naked woman.