Series 1 & 2 of The Young Ones have both been released on DVD individually and in a special edition boxset in both regions 2 & 4. Region 1 has released just two boxsets, one being just series 1 & 2, the other being series 1 & 2 special edition.

The U.S. release Every Stoopid Episode features documentaries but no extra footage.

Only the U.S. Every Stoopid Episode edition featured documentaries and no extra footage was included. Musical references proved difficult to clear so "The Sounds of Silence" (one line) and "Subterranean Homesick Blues" were excised from the U.S. editions. A "bloopers" tape made for the amusement of cast and crew has, according to a BBC employee, gone missing from the BBC archives.

A new DVD release of all episodes ("Extra Stoopid Edition") was launched in November, 2007, containing new documentaries and two commentary tracks (pilot and final episodes only). This edition restores the line from "The Sound of Silence" and the performance of "Subterranean Homesick Blues".

The UK 25th Anniversary box set also features documentaries and claims to have the full uncut episodes.

DVD Title No. of Discs Year Episodes DVD release
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
Complete Series 1 1 1982 6 - 05 Aug 2002 29 Aug 2002
Complete Series 2 1 1984 6 - 18 Aug 2003 01 Oct 2003
'Complete Series 1'& 2 2 1982 & 1984 12 17 Sep 2002 - -

'Complete Series 1'& 2

(special edition)

3 1982 & 1984 12 13 Nov 2007 29 Oct 2007 07 Nov 2007

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